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2nd Lt Charles Brown



The Silver Star for heroism is not shown with the other medals. As of this date, the webmaster for this site did not have that information. 


Hall of Fame picture. Charles (Chas) Brown was posthumously inducted into the Austintown Fitch Sports Hall of Fame on October 11, 2013.

Speech given by Karen (Brown) Ruberto at Hall of Fame Banquet

A poem written by Charlie's Grandson.

The Price of Peace

Peace is a river,

flowing calm and clear,

until the storm of war

draws near.

Then the banks erode

from the rising flood,

and the stormy river

flows red with blood.

The river grows thirsty,

and the huge storm thrives,

until its thirst is quenched

with good people’s lives.

Only then, once satisfied,

is the peace river restored

to the calm, clear water

that it was before.

Peace it will sustain,

And then peace it will reap,

And restoring that peace

is never free, nor cheap.

Brennen Kunka 2009